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Buy Adrafinil powder

Buy Adrafinil powder

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Adrafinil Raw Powder

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Adrafinil (INN; brand name Olmifon)is a eugeroic that was formerly used in France to promote alertness, attention, wakefulness, mood, and other parameters, particularly in the elderly. It was also used off-label by individuals who wished to avoid fatigue, such as night workers or others who needed to stay awake and alert for long periods of time. Additionally, adrafinil is known to a larger nonscientific audience, where it is considered to be a nootropic agent.

Adrafinil is a prodrug; it is primarily metabolized in vivo to modafinil, resulting in very similar pharmacological effects. Unlike modafinil, however, it takes time for the metabolite to accumulate to active levels in the bloodstream. Effects usually are apparent within 45–60 minutes when taken orally on an empty stomach.

Adrafinil was marketed in France under the trade name Olmifon until September 2011 when it was voluntarily discontinued.

Raw Adrafinil powder Usage

Adrafinil powder has gained popularity in recent years due to its similarity to modafinil and relative accessibility.

Adrafinil powder is treated like a dietary supplement in the United States in that you can buy it without a prescription.

In terms of chemical structure, Adrafinil raw powder is just like modafinil with the addition of an OH (hydroxyl group) to the amide nitrogen, forming a hydroxylamine.

Adrafinil raw powder is a prodrug for modafinil. This means that it’s converted to modafinil in the body, which is the biologically active agent. Only a fraction of Adrafinil powder is converted to modafinil, with the remainder being metabolized to the inactive modafinilic acid.

Adrafinil powder increase wakefulness without many of the undesirable side effects typically accompanying other stimulants-type drugs. It eases fatigue while delivering an awake and alert state to the user.

Despite its potent nootropic benefits, Adrafinil powder is a very safe and non-toxic compound. Studies have found it to produce no toxicity even at doses far exceeding what is recommended.

The ideal dosage of Adrafinil powder is between 600-1200mg. Adrafinil powder is water soluble and can be taken with water or juice on an empty stomach. It should be taken in the morning since taking this in the afternoon or evening can cause insomnia. Patients should take Adrafinil raw powder in lower quantities to start with, and can gradually elevate to higher recommended dosages.

Adrafinil powder should be taken on an occasional basis. For instance, it could be taken on days when stringent deadlines are to be met or when a job demands extra working hours to be put in. The drug can also be taken on a cyclic basis. For example, one could take this drug for two weeks and then take a break for a week. This way, adverse effects of the drug on liver can be reduced.


Warning on Raw Adrafinil powder

It’s rumored that Adrafinil powder may be hepatotoxic (injure the liver). The idea is that since the conversion of Adrafinil raw powder to modafinil requires liver enzymes, that Adrafinil powder stresses the liver.

It remains unclear what CYP450 isoform (liver enzyme) converts Adrafinil raw powder to modafinilic acid and modafinil. But there’s no solid evidence that Adrafinil powder harms the liver.

Use of Adrafinil powder is considered to be safe in short period usage. In short period use, the drug is considered as an alertness promoting agent. It stimulates the cognitive and perceptive abilities in human beings. Studies indicate that use of this drug can also affect the motivational state of people.

The use of Adrafinil raw powder is not suggested for long term. Instead, the drug can be taken in cycles. If taken for the long-run, the body can develop tolerance against the drug, and its effect will not be felt. In long-term use, it can render people to change their behavioral attributes, like laconic people can become more talkative. Adrafinil powder is being effectively used for the treatment of Alzheimer disease in France.

Raw Adrafinil powder basic Characters


Name: Adrafinil powder
CAS: 63547-13-7
Molecular Formula: C15H15NO3S
Molecular Weight: 289.35
Melt Point: 159-160C
Storage Temp: -20°C Freezer
Color: White powder


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